Mukund Gupta

Mukund Gupta a very bright student and a topper of DPS RK PURAM had a block in his mind about Chemistry and he never tried to understood the subject logically but insisted on only learning.But after taking classes he came to know that learning is not a key to excel but understanding Chemistry like Mathematics is the ultimate solution.

Yuvraj Jain

Yuvraj Jain a student of Pathways World School always used to see Chemistry a very difficult subject but after taking classes and in a very short span of time he became so much confident in Chemistry that he scored 7 out of 7.

Divit Malik

Student of Amrita Vidyalayam School always had a trouble in Chemistry.But After joining Singh Chemistry Classes he sees a tremendous improvement in himself and is now fully confident about Chemistry.

Sahajdeep Singh

Sahajdeep Singh a very sincere and top ranker of DPS RK PURAM always use to fear Organic Chemistry and always tried to learn it but after taking classes his myth of learning Chemistry got broken and for the first time he realized that Chemistry can only be done by understanding.